38 Handy Ways You can Use a Triangular Bandage

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: triangle bandages are one of the most practical items you can add to a first aid kit. But their use goes far beyond first aid. When added to a hiking, camping, emergency, or bug-out bag kit, there are so many ways that a triangle bandage can be improvised into something else. Here is a whole list of ways you can make use of a triangular bandage.

First Aid Related

  1. Create a sling
  2. Create a splint
  3. Use as a bandage
  4. Use as a dressing to absorb blood
  5. Use it to hold an eye patch in place
  6. Use it to hold and ice or heat pack in place
  7. Can be made into a makeshift tourniquet
  8. Can be made into a makeshift ice pack by filling it with ice or snow
  9. Wrap an ankle for an ankle brace
  10. Use as a dog muzzle when providing first aid to your dog
  11. Use as a sanitary napkin in an emergency
  12. Padding around an impaled object or to be used for a ring bandage

Clothing Related

  1. Use as a bandana to protect your head from the sun or you can narrow fold it to be worn around the head to absorb sweat
  2. Use as a scarf or head/eye wrap for added warmth
  3. Create a makeshift belt
  4. Make an emergency baby’s diaper
  5. Use as a hair tie to keep your hair out of your face or off your shoulders
  6. Create a makeshift halter-top
  7. Use as a baby swaddle
  8. Cover exposed skin for insect protection

Survival Related

  1. Create a makeshift mask for smoke, Covid, tear gas, or dust
  2. Use as a coffee or tea filter
  3. You can pre-filter water or use it as a strainer
  4. Use it as tinder for creating a fire, especially if made into char cloth
  5. Use as a makeshift rope or for lashings
  6. You can wear it as a loincloth while waiting for clothes to dry
  7. Make it into a “hobo” bag
  8. It can be made into a makeshift backpack or tumpline
  9. It can be used as a flag or distress signal
  10. Use it as a washcloth or towel
  11. Use it as a napkin
  12. It can be used as a potholder
  13. Tie it on a tree as a trail marker
  14. Can be made into a sling
  15. Use it as a cleaning cloth
  16. Plug a leak in a canoe or boat
  17. Use it as a basket or bag to gather or forage for food
  18. Use it to cover exposed food and protect from insects

Many of the uses listed here are also useful ways you can utilize a bandana. A triangular bandage is typically larger, but keep in mind that it doesn’t hold up well to washing as a bandana can.

How have you used a triangle bandage in the past? Do you have any other ideas we should add to the list? Comment below!

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