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How To Create A Blister Kit

Getting a blister is the fastest way to ruin your day while on the trail or out for a long run. This article will explain how to prevent blisters, how to create a blister kit for running, how to create a blister kit for hiking and some tips on how to prevent and treat blisters.

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How You Can Create Your Own Running First Aid Kit

Trail running for me grew from a love of backpacking. I love to move through the woods, and being able to run meant I got to travel further in the same amount of time. But the further you go, the more self-sufficient and prepared you need to be for injuries, exposure, or getting lost. Below I outline the items that should be carried in your running first aid kit, how to expand that kit for longer runs, what to keep in the car for afterward, and some general tips to keep yourself safe and healthy.